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Master Machine began as a machining organization and through our years of growth have focused on maintaining core competencies in this area.  We have developed a special competitive advantage in large machining, possessing some of the largest milling capabilities in our geographic region.  Couple our large machining with our high specification quality systems, and we provide unique value to our customers.


  • Mazak Integrex I-630V/6 Vertical Multi-Function Machine

  • CNC Bridge Milling - x=160", y=70", z=32", 4th axis, 90 degree head

  • CNC Bridge Milling - x=128", y=62", z=40"

  • CNC Planer Milling - 63" Openside x 252" long

  • CNC Gantry Milling - x=120",  y=120", z=24"

  • CNC 5-Axis Milling - x=30", y=20", z=20"

  • CNC Turning - Up to 27" diameter x 120" long

  • CNC Turning with live milling and Y axis

  • Turning, Manual - Up to 32" diameter x 288" long

  • Milling - Up to 168" long

  • Horizontal Boring - Up to 168" long

  • Pressing - 200 ton (Horizontal and Vertical)

  • Surface Grinding

  • CAD/CAM - Master CAM, Feature CAM, , SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD Inventor 3D Modeling

  • Hydrostatic Testing

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